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Cottesloe Primary’s Creation Club

Trial Registration

Student One


Terms and Conditions

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, 

In order to make our lessons as safe and rewarding as possible I ask the Parents and Students to read the following documentation and acknowledge that it is your responsibility to have an understanding of what is expected of students who attend the Cottesloe Code Club after-school classes. To ensure all of the students are able to apply themselves during the lesson there are some rules that all students are expected to follow. Please note that breaking of these rules, depending on severity, may result in temporary suspension from class. The rules are as follows:

Students must:

  • Listen to instructions and follow them to best of their ability.
  • Use the computers only for activities students have been instructed to use them for. 
  • Respect the property of the school as well as other students, and teacher’s property.
  • Respect their classmates and their work.

Thank you for your child’s participation in the classes, and for respecting the rules set out for the safety and well being of the entire class. Please make sure you’ve read the rules and you and your child understand them, as well as the consequences if they are to break these rules.

In agreeing to the terms and conditions, Parents and Guardians understand that they are allowing their student’s work to be posted to a student showcase page on this website along with the student’s first name and year. Any parent or guardian may request to have their child’s work removed at any given time by emailing Michael Rose.

Payments are processed securely via Square. User card details will not be stored.

Refunds can be issued upon withdrawal of attendance. Those who withdraw can request a refund equal to the number of remaining lessons multiplied by the cost per lesson. The cost per lesson is calculated by dividing the total cost by the number of weeks the class is running this term. To request a refund please contact Michael Rose.